The Complete Wellness Program for busy mums - Ebook
The Complete Wellness Program for busy mums - Ebook
The Complete Wellness Program for busy mums - Ebook
The Complete Wellness Program for busy mums - Ebook
The Complete Wellness Program for busy mums - Ebook
The Complete Wellness Program for busy mums - Ebook
The Complete Wellness Program for busy mums - Ebook
The Complete Wellness Program for busy mums - Ebook

The Complete Wellness Program for busy mums - Ebook

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*as this program has been heavily discounted, support is no longer included with this program😘

For just $50 you get:


- A customisable menu plan with suggestions suitable for vegetarian, vegan, paleo, dairy free and gluten free to name a few.

- A 30 day program with weekly topics, including (but not limited to) Nutrition 101, portion sizing, meal and menu prepping, managing stress, self love and body image, Nourished for life - frequently asked questions.


As soon as you hit "buy now" and complete your purchase you'll receive The Complete  Wellness Ebook.  Save this to your device and print as needed.

Please note this a The Complete NOURISHED IN 30 Wellness Ebook.  This is NOT personalised support.


The Complete NOURISHED IN 30 Wellness Ebook is designed to empower and support busy mums to find their balanced weight, de-stress, de-bloat and feel confident without restrictive dieting.

This really isn’t your ordinary WELLNESS PROGRAM.

I often see weight loss programs that claim to see you lose (crazy amounts of) weight and sport a flat stomach, but really they just leave you feeling hungry, deprived and fearful of food, not to mention the mood swings and impracticalities of continuing once the program ends.

I created this 30 day SELF PACED Wellness Program to de-stress, de-bloat and feel fantastic because I want you to feel AMAZING at all times – not just when you have a special day/event/party coming up.

I’ve put together a plan, a HOW TO, using the most nourishing foods possible.  Nourishing foods that are known to leave you feeling lighter, bouncier and just plain happy.  It’s really just an added bonus that you’ll lose the bloat and give your body a chance to unwind from stress without spending hours in the gym or kitchen.

Now I’m not a miracle worker so I’m not going to promise you that you’ll lose 10kgs in 30 days (and if anyone promises you that without first getting to know you personally, RUN!).  What I will say is that this 30 day self-paced Wellness Program will not only give your body a chance to relax and recover, but it will also set you up with the tools and mindset you need to transform your eating, your relationship with food and feel happy, healthy and nourished at your ideal weight ALL WITHOUT dieting.

You’re probably looking for the sign-me-up button but I really want to make sure this program is right for you. 

If you are:

  • Feeling icky from too much of the not-so-great stuff
  • Feeling a tad bloated (or a lot bloated)
  • Feeling tired, stressed out or just plain exhausted and don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen
  • Feeling a little stagnant on your health journey

If you love:

  • An easy to follow guide
  • A totally adaptable meal plan to suit any lifestyle/dietary needs
  • Someone giving you a gentle push in the right direction
  • Access to my email if you have questions along the way (note that this is limited to brief personalised questions - if you require extended support I recommend you purchase the extended version of this program).

If you want to:

  • De-bloat and feel confident in your clothing ALL DAY LONG
  • Bounce out of bed each morning
  • Eat delicious food that actually fills you up
  • Set yourself up for weight balance in 2018

Then this is totally the right Wellness Program for you.



  • The COMPLETE PROGRAM in a handy EBOOK that you can download, save and print.
  • A CUSTOM menu planner


I can’t wait to support you to find your balanced weight and feel confident without restrictive dieting!


More About Your Coach: Krissy Ropiha of Her Nourished

I’m Krissy, Certified Nutrition and Health Coach with a background in Psychology (BScPsycHons), a no-fuss recipe creator and mum to three beautiful (and busy) little beings.  It is my mission to support busy mums to find their balanced weight and feel confident without restrictive dieting.

Nourished in 30 THE PROGRAM includes EVERYTHING that got me from the diet-hopping, stressed out and body-critical Krissy – where her only thought was ‘when I’m size X my life will be perfect’ – to instead focusing on nourishment, wellness and self love. With a history of disordered eating and years of recovery followed by healing I finally, for the first time in my life, feel completely content with my body, my life and my wellness and I want that for you too.

I eat primarily for nourishment, indulge mindfully without guilt and feel excited to LEARN, GROW and EVOLVE without the pressure of feeling as though I have to in order for my life to be ‘perfect’.  I no longer struggle with persistent bloating, I know my bloating triggers like the back of my hand and I’ve maintained my ideal balanced weight without restriction for years now (aside from pregnancies).  This program and my support is a reflection of that.  


Ready to join me?



Q. I’m just starting out on my wellness journey and I have a bit of weight to lose. Is this the right program for me?

YES! This is the perfect program for you. We take you step by step through the basics and give you the tools to carry with you for the rest of your life. You also have direct access to my email inbox throughout the program so you can ask any questions that might come up.

Q. I have specific dietary needs/allergies/intolerances.  Is the program going to work for me?

Provided you know enough about your dietary needs/allergies/intolerances then YES! It was important to me that Nourished in 30 THE PROGRAM wasn’t a ‘fad diet’ or based on any one principal of eating. The menu plan guide can be customised to your needs and preferences.  However, if you think you require a customised menu plan I recommend you email me to discuss creating a personalised menu plan to go alongside the program.

Q. I’m going to be away for some of the program. Is it still suitable?

YES! The program really is designed with the busy woman in mind. I know your time is precious and that you spend what little time you have making sure those around you are happy. You’ve got things to do. While I wholeheartedly believe in prioritising your health in order to meet the needs of those around you, also totally get it.

The program content is a downloadable PDF that you can save and/or print.  It is yours forever. The menu plan is also yours forever. You can access it as you need to.


Q. What qualifications do you hold?

I personally have a Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology (first class honours) and have years of experience working with families. I am also a Certified Nutrition and Health Coach with full Certification in Early Childhood Nutrition AND registration through IICT. I’m also fully insured (super important to look for when working with a health coach). 

Q. Do I need to purchase the recipe book to participate in the program.

No, however, we recommend Nourished in 30 and/or Her Nourished Kids recipe books alongside :)

 Q. I'm not a mum.  Will I still find this program helpful?

While we tailor our advice to busy mums, many busy women find our programs life changing because the strategies are simple to implement in almost any life circumstance.  So if you're a busy woman then YES, you will find the program incredibly helpful!

Have I missed your question? Get in touch



This program is for inspiration and educational purposes only. Always check with your doctor first before making any changes to your diet or physical activity. The ideas, information and suggestions in this guide are purely those of the author and are not substitutes for consulting with your personal health care provider. The author will not accept responsibility for any action, or claim, resulting from the use of information contained in this program. We are all unique, what may work for one individual may not for another. Consulting with an expert can help you customise recommendations.


Notice of Rights

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