Kimberley said: "...Overall she is a really good eater because of the research that Krissy shares.  She is a really great eater now. She’s not afraid to try new things and eats a wide variety of foods..."

Hannah said: "In the last month doing no pressure veg, my little guy has gone from refusing almost all veggies to eating 10 different veggies consistently in the last month! So pleased!"

Ez said: "You're the reason I have a toddler who eats so well...two nights ago he ate steamed zucchini and carrot on his own without prompting and I literally had tears of joy rolling down my cheeks."

“I absolutely love ALL your videos, recipe books and Instastories.  Thank you for the time and effort that goes into creating these. I have picked up so many great tips on all things Mum-life, pregnancy, food and wellbeing and have made a lot of your recipes which my family enjoy.”

Cailtyn (MTS starting solids program) said: "...I was feeling a little lost and needed some more ideas and guidance into what to be giving for her meals. The guide was amazing so full of detail, meal tips and ideas. Now I always eat dinner and she has what we are having..."