MTS Program content 1-6+ years

The question to come back to
Recommendations and support
HNK Principles for Meal Time Success
Pillar One: The food
Nutrition 101
Portion sizes
What is a ’serve’
Realistic day of eating for a toddler
Food safety
Pillar two: the environment
Normal behaviour
Family meal times
Conversation starter
Technology and distractions
Supported seating
Praise vs bribery
Imperfect meal times
Pillar three: the meal
Making food appealing
Presentation tips
Taste tips
Getting creative
Vegetable spotter
Tips for hiding vegetables
Introducing new foods
Reducing party food
Pillar four: the creation
Participation in food creation
Food play
Meal Time Detectives
Giving choices
DIY meals
Pillar five: the conversations
Praise and reinforcement
Food body connection
Navigating special events
Supporting a healthy body image
When meal times feel really hard
4 step food refusal guide
Sensory processing and meal times
Frequently asked questions
Putting it into practice - your plan
** Please note, recipes are not included in this bundle. 
If you require additional support to put the program into practice, join our free Meal Time Success support group, accessing support from our HNK nutritionist, myself and our community. . You will receive an email after receiving your program with details for support.
Our support group is designed to compliment our programs and provide access to experts including our HNK Nutritionist, myself and our beautiful kind and non-judgemental community. We are available to answer questions, offer guidance and share additional tips, resources and recipes.