MTS program content 0-12m starting solids

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  • Recommendations and support
  • The importance of milk in the first year
  • Establishing and supporting breastfeeding
  • Alternatives to breastfeeding
  • Supplements
  • Laying the foundations for meal time success
  • Feeding and bonding
  • Family feeding habits
  • Getting prepared


  • The Basics
  • Nourishing macronutrients
  • Foods to reduce/avoid
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • What are the recommendations?
  • Portion sizes
  • Food safety
  • Choking


  • When to introduce solids
  • How much food
  • Recognising hunger and fullness
  • Puree and baby led weaning
  • Slower starters to solids
  • First foods and recipes
  • A guide to serving food
  • Feeding routines
  • Meal ideas
  • Allergies and intolerances
  • Introducing vegetables
  • Introducing new foods
  • The vegetable spotter
  • Introducing textures when using pureed food
  • Introducing cutlery and table manners
  • Eating out and about
  • Throwing food at meal times
  • Transitioning from highchair to table
  • Technology and meal times

Frequently asked questions

  • When should I introduce meat to my baby?
  • What should I do if my baby refuses meat?
  • I eat vegetarian. Can my baby eat vegetarian too?
  • My baby can not consume a food due to an intolerance/allergy. How can I ensure they are still meeting their recommended intake of nutrients?
  • When can my baby have cow’s milk as a drink?


Our FREE Meal Time Success support group, accessing support from our nutrition and meal time experts and our beautiful community of likeminded parents. (You will receive an email with details after purchasing the program).
Our support group is designed to compliment our programs and provide access to experts including our HNK Nutritionist, myself and our beautiful kind and non-judgemental community. We are available to answer questions, offer guidance and share additional tips, resources and recipes.