Krissy is a mum to three with a degree in psychology (BScPsycHons) and is a University qualified nutritionist. Krissy combines knowledge from psychology (understanding child development) AND nutrition (understanding childhood nutritional needs) for less stress, less picky and more fun at meal times!
PS. As a busy mum to three young kids, Krissy totally gets it. She's right there in the trenches with you.
Her Nourished Kids is here to help families tackle and overcome picky eating with kindness, for calm and confident meal times.
BScPsycHons, Nutritionist, CHC, Mum


Because it's important to know who you're getting info from, here are the specifics:

Bachelor of Science, first class honours in Psychology - University of Otago
Graduate Human Nutrition - Deakin University
Certified Health Coach - Well College Global
Insured through AON
Member of The Nutrition Society of Australia (Inc.)