What ages do you cater for at Her Nourished Kids?
At Her Nourished Kids we are dedicated to supporting families from starting solids through to approximately 8 years of age. 

Our recipes are suitable for the whole family with lots of family meals that you can share together. 


Do you cater for allergies and intolerances?
YES! As a mum of a daughter with an intolerance to cows milk, and now a son with multiple food allergies (peanuts, sesame, pistachio, kiwi) I completely relate to needing recipes that are allergy-friendly and easy to navigate. I want you to quickly scan a recipe and be able to immediately decide whether it's suitable for your little one, as well as have back up substitutions available! Every recipe in our core recipe book Her Nourished Kids comes with a quick-reference key, with the most common allergens/intolerances as well as a final section with substitution and swap ideas.  You can also use the handy search function on our website to find suitable recipes. Please always check the labels to ensure food is suitable for your child.

Do you ship Internationally?
We love shipping to our customers all over the World. Unfortunately, what we can't control is the timing and price of shipping. For recipe books, we recommend purchasing the digital ebook version and printing at a local printer to save you on postage costs.