We're dedicated to supporting you to feel confident at meal times.

- Krissy Ropiha (founder of HNK)

If you're worried about how much or little your child is eating, if you're starting solids or you're dealing with a fussy eater - you are in the right place!

Our philosophy

At Her Nourished Kids we understand meal times! We specialise in kind, evidence-based and non-judgemental support so you can navigate meal times with confidence and ease!
Our mission is to help you navigate those common (and frustrating) childhood behaviours at meal times, from starting solids to food refusal and throwing food - we've got you covered. Our goal is to provide you with kind evidence-based tools (that actually work) when those common behaviours arise so that you feel confident no matter the challenge thrown (literally) at you!

Why our Meal Time Success Programs?

From one mum to another

As a mum to three, I'm right there in the meal time trenches with you! I understand meal times and the unique challenges of motherhood.

Evidence based

Our programs share the latest evidence for Meal Time Success and our team of professionals (nutritionists, psychology graduates and health coaches) are here to support you.

Kind and gentle

We meet you and your child where you're at and (virtually) hold your hand as we navigate meal times together. We've got your back.

Meet our Founder

Hi, I’m Krissy!

University qualified in psychology, certified in early childhood nutrition and (perhaps most important) a mum to three. I understand meal times! I know they can feel tricky, stressful, frustrating and unenjoyable at times. I’m here to share our realistic, evidence-based and proven meal time success tools and (virtually) hold your hand through the journey so that meal times feel SUCCESSFUL (even when they go a little pear shaped!).
I've got your back!

Krissy xxx
BScPsycHons, CHC

We pride ourselves on providing non-judgemental support and a kind (and realistic) approach to Meal Time Success.

- Krissy Ropiha


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