Meal Time Success 0-12 Months - FAQs

Meal Time Success 0-12 Months - FAQs

Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our program MEAL TIME SUCCESS 0-12 Months.

How much is the program?

Our Meal Time Success programs are a one time investment of $50.  For this you receive:

  • A beautifully presented and printable digital guide covering the selected age group.
  • Tools and strategies, supported by evidence based research.
  • FREE access to our private Facebook group with ongoing support and education from qualified Nutrition Coaches, nutritionists and guest experts.

Do you offer personalised support once I've purchased the program?

We have an existing FREE facebook group where we can answer your questions and support you within a group setting.  We are also VERY excited to announce that we now have personalised packages available alongside our programs!  You will have the opportunity to purchase (at any time) a dietary analysis, meal plan or implementation support with a qualified nutritionist and member of the Her Nourished Kids team.  We hope that by adding this additional service, no family feels left behind.

Do your programs contain recipes?

Meal Time Success 0-12 months contains a small number of recipes such as first food ideas and recipes for mums.  However, our programs are not recipe books.  We recommend purchasing Her Nourished Kids for kid-friendly and healthy recipes once you feel confident at meal times.

I live outside of Australia.  Can I still purchase your program?

YES!  We made our programs digital so that anyone with access to a computer or phone can purchase them.  Once purchased, you will receive a link to download your guide.  You can save this to your device and print for personal use.  I have my guides saved to 'ibooks' on my phone.

My baby is 8 months old and a pretty good eater at this stage.  Should I purchase 0-12 months or 1-6 years?

If you and your baby have settled into meal times and feel that they are overall successful then I would recommend purchasing the bundle option OR 1-6 years, as this covers topics such as fostering ongoing and lasting healthy relationships with food.

My baby started solids a while ago but I still feel overwhelmed and confused.  Do you think your program would help?

YES!  I feel so heartbroken when I hear parents sharing their feelings of overwhelm and confusion at meal times because they can be such a joyful and stress free experience.  It is my heartfelt intention that our programs leave you feeling confident in whatever journey you choose to take and that you can ask for support, advice or guidance at any stage.

I've just had my baby so I am months away from starting solids.  Would your program be helpful?

YES.  Not only do we cover starting solids, but we also provide support for new mums.  We offer guidance and support for breastfeeding and alternatives and ensure mums feel armed with information from the get-go.

What topics do you cover?

Please see our contents and index for our program for 0-12 months.


Do you have a question?  Please email and we would be more than happy to help you!