How much salt for Babies and Kids?

How much salt for Babies and Kids?

Added salt is generally not recommended for babies and young children as their kidneys are not yet developed to handle excessive salt intake.

The current adequate intake of sodium guidelines are:
7-12m: 170mg/day
1-3: 200-400mg/day

When selecting packaged foods, check the 100g column against sodium, if it is below 120mg then it's usually one of the better choices. If your little one is eating some packaged food (including bread and milk) they will probably obtain their sodium intake via these foods. 

From 12 months, if you choose to add salt (sparingly) to home prepared meals we recommend using iodised salt unless otherwise advised by your health care provider. For more, read this article on iodine.

Cheese is one of the common questions in relation to salt. Cheese contains salt. However babies and toddlers tend to enjoy cheese and it is a convenient snack and great source of calcium and protein. When selecting cheeses usually white soft cheeses are lowest in sodium. Ricotta is a great low sodium option. Hard yellow cheeses are generally a little higher in sodium. In this case, refer to the 100g column against sodium and select the brand with the lowest sodium content.

This article was written by HNK Nutritionist and mum, Emily.

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