Healthy snack platter ideas for hungry kids

Healthy snack platter ideas for hungry kids

“MUMMMMMM can I have a snack”


This phrase is one I’m sure every parent is familiar with, especially right now.


As a mum to three kids I am all for a quick and simple snack for kids. And as a picky eating nutritionist I have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve to get your kids to eat what you serve + get yourself a little longer between snack requests.


Create a predictable meal time rhythm with planned snack times.

THIS IS KEY if we want fussy eating tips to actually work. Food security and knowing when you’re next going to eat is a basic need, and one we need to have in place if we want to improve fussy eating. Plus, not only does this reduce our time in the kitchen, but we also tend to me more mindful of the types of food we serve when we know when a snack is coming.


Serve ‘learning to like’ foods alongside ‘safe foods’.

Snack platters are the perfect opportunity for consistent exposure to ‘learning to like foods’, without the pressure to eat them. Kids won’t always eat everything you serve and that’s okay, but that doesn’t mean we should stop exposing our kids to foods we would like them to eat (aka veggies).

Include a source of protein and/or fat.

This can be as simple as adding some beans or legumes or a bar/bliss ball like the HNK muesli bar or HNK carrot cake bliss balls or a dip for the fruit and veggies.  Including protein and fat alongside fruits, veggies and crackers = more satiated kids = less time in the kitchen for us!

Serve on a platter.

Serving a snack on a platter is perfect if you have multiple children (hello less washing up!). It allows some autonomy over food selection (within the parameters of what you’ve chosen) and it also allows a child to eat as much or as little as they need at that snack time.


If you're worried and you're looking for evidence-based support and guidance to get your child to eat the food you serve, check out our 6 STEPS TO MEAL TIME SUCCESS program. This program is ideal for children from 12 months and includes step-by-step guidance to get your kids eating the food you serve in 6 weeks, nutritionist approved meal plans, 21 healthy recipes kids love and nutrition guidance for nutrients such as iron, protein and more.